Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety
Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety
Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety
Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety
Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety

    Orthopedic Baby Bed for your baby's safety

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    Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights!

    Are you tired of not getting a good night sleep? And is waking up constantly taking its toll?

    Our portable baby bed allows to go out and about and have your little one get a perfect and safe sleep everywhere!

    • This Portable Baby Bed is perfect for co-sleeping and reassuring baby. It makes co-sleeping worry free! Its ultra-soft materials and cushioned edges provide a reassuring "cocoon-like" holding effect that helps reducing startle reflexes, letting your baby play, rest, and nap comfortably.

      An adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing, and colic. this natural fetal position also soothes baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother's womb.

      The fitted head support distributes the pressure on skull evenly, ideal for keeping baby's head nice and round to prevent from plagiocephaly.

      Patented osteopath design has been developed to provide the highest quality and safety for your baby. It has been tested and certified free of harmful substances to meet U.S. and European regulatory standards.


      • Reduces risk of a flat head syndrome(Our baby bed provides super soft cushioning for your baby's head! )   
      • ✅ Reduces risk factors associated with SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
      • It is recommended by healthcare professionals.
      • ✅ Mimics the shape of the uterus in a pregnant woman.                       
      • ✅  Anti-rollover shaping pillow.
      • ✅ Prevents baby from spitting up milk.



      PORTABLE BABY BED CHARATERISTIC                      

      Let’s face it, you are going to be toting this travel crib around, so it is advantageous to choose a lightweight travel crib, that doesn’t sacrifice other key features.
      Easy to Assemble 
       It could be late at night when you arrive at your hotel, vacation rental or Grandma’s house. Your baby is tired and you don’t want to go to war with your portable travel cot. Our Portable Baby Bed can be set up in seconds with ease.                                                                                                                                      
      Sh*t happens. Literally. While rarely necessary, when disaster strikes, a washable travel bed is a blessing.
       For safety reasons, it is very important that a portable baby crib for travel or an infant travel bed have proper venting and breathable fabric.
      Package Includes:
      •  Portable Baby Bed

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